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Nursery 3 week menu

East Meets West Catering Company provides a special menu for nursery's in the local community.
We are approved by the Dudley Health Authority and all food is cooked freshly on site prior to delivery.

Our menu is changed 6 monthly seasonally and provides towards your children's '5 a day' fruit and veg guidelines.
We can cater for 15+ children at competitive prices.
Please call or email to arrange a quote for your nursery.

Example Spring/Summer term 2009
Week 1

Sun dried tomato pasta with
cheesy topping and salad


Fruit Trifle

Sausage and mashed potatoes with peas, carrots and gravy

Vegetarian opt:
Vegetarian sausages

Rice Pudding


Chicken tikka with vegetables and potatoes
& pitta bread

Vegetarian opt:
Vegetable curry



Norfolk chicken with rice
& mixed vegetables

Vegetarian opt:
Quorn meat

Fresh fruit salad with natural yoghurt

Fish fingers (salmon or cod) with wedges and baked beans

Orange and Banana cake with custard

Week 2

Fresh chicken meatballs in gravy
with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Vegetarian opt:
Quorn meatballs

Banana's and custard

Vegetarian chilli con-carne with rice


Fresh fruit salad

Tuna pasta bake with vegetables


Fruit oat cakes and fruit yoghurt

Sausage casserole, vegetables and rice

Vegetarian opt:
Vegetarian sausages

Carrot and orange muffins with custard

Bean roast with boiled potatoes, peas, carrots, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding & gravy

Vegetarian opt:
Quorn burgers

Fruit jelly

Week 3

Bubble and squeak with sausages and baked beans

Vegetarian opt:
Vegetarian sausages

fruit crumble and cream

Roast chicken with boiled potatoes, cauliflower, runner beans, yorkshire pudding and gravy

Vegetarian opt:
Quorn burgers

Fresh fruit and ice cream

Shepherds pie (lamb), carrots, peas and gravy

Vegetarian opt:
Quorn mince

Raisin & sponge pudding with custard

Fish pasta (salmon, tuna or white fish; cod etc) and mixed vegetables


Lamb chilli con-carne with vegetables and wholemeal rice

Vegetarian opt:
Quorn mince

Fresh fruit salad

Please ensure you have communicated your child's dietary needs to a member of staff.
Vegan, Gluten free, vegetarian and other needs can be catered for.


For further details on any of the products and services within this site or if you would like to discuss a customised menu please contact myself Jai Patel.
all contact details are on our contact Us page

Jaishri Patel
East Meets West founder
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